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Photo Title: Zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) West Pacific.
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zebra shark, stegostoma fasciatum, shark, stegostoma, widely distributed, indo-west pacific, indian ocean, pacific ocean, red sea, arabian gulf, palau, peleliu island, ocean, sea, coral reef reef, tropical, anemone, anemone reef, aggressive, un-aggressive, photograph, photo, sighting, swimming, attack, thailand
Zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) The Zebra shark is widely distributed throughout the Indian ocean and west Pacific, including the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. It is a tropical inshore shark of the continental and insular shelves, common on most coral reefs where it is usually found resting on the bottom during the day to become active at night. It is a large shark that can reach up to over 3 metres in length, although most sightings are of smaller individuals. The Zebra shark is known to be un-aggressive and has not been implicated in attacks on people, although the author of this photograph had a Zebra shark behave aggressively whilst diving on Anemone reef off Southern Thailand. Twice in a matter of 20 minutes the shark appeared out of no where, swimming repeatedly strait for the diver, who had to hold it off with camera and a shark stick. This image was taken in the west Pacific, at a depth of 40 metres.
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