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Photo Title: Wreck of the Ocean Diver, Menorca, Mediterranean sea.
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Wreck of the Ocean Diver, Menorca, Mediterranean sea. Little is known about the history of this shipwreck, only that she had been abandoned by her crew in Mahon harbour in 1987, and later scuttled by the naval authorities in November 1991. The Ocean Diver is a river barge measuring 23 metres in length and lays on a seabed of neptunegrass (Posidonia oceanica) some 1.25 kilometres of the beach of Son Bou, at a depth of 27 metres. Located in relatively shallow water, this wreck is frequently visited by many divers and is the perfect wreck site for beginners. Sadly, owing to the high oxygen levels produced by the Neptunegrass, the wreck is deteriorating rapidly and is beginning to break up. Full story see www.oceanic-research.com
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