Again as with Fossil Cave this should be classified as a cave rather than a cavern and should only be visited by the more experienced divers.
The Cave is located to the western side of Cap d'en Font and is what seems to have been an underground river in the past. The main entrance is like a small cavern on its own, with a sandy bottom rising from 14m outside the cavern to 12m within with a ceiling of 4m depth only. To access the actual Moon Pool the journey begins by swimming to the left once at the back of the cavern and following an increasingly narrowing tunnel strew with small boulders all along its bottom. A short distance after the entrance to the left, this then turns to the right, where the tunnel narrows significantly and its ceiling drops to 8m depth for a short distance before rising and widening again. Arriving now at the end of the tunnel is a semi circular chamber whose smooth walls have obviously been highly eroded by water, as if there had been a waterfall or cascade at this point sometime in the distant past. Look up and one will see that the walls of this chamber curve inwards at a depth of only 3m.
Now slowly rise up through this neck and reach the surface of the Moon Pool, which widens out a little allowing enough room for 4 or 5 divers at a time. The ceiling is very low, and one can see that there is another tunnel leading off to the north, although this is impenetrable. Perhaps this was part of an underground river system that has later become blocked by rock falls.

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Plan view of the Moon Pool..........Drawing © Oceanic Research & Publishing Ltd.

Profile view of the Moon Pool..........Drawing © Oceanic Research & Publishing Ltd.

Entrance cavern to the Moon Pool

Cooming soon


The Moon Pool

Cave and cavern diving can be dangerous and should never be attempted without proper supervision and planning.
Do not attempt to enter these caves and caverns if you are either inexperienced or if you are sufficiently experienced, have not previously visited them with a suitably qualified dive guide.
Always seek the assistance of a suitably qualified dive guide or that of a dive centre.



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