Fossil Cave is located to the west of Tom's Belfry, and is in the true sense a cave and not a cavern, its interior being completely cut of from the outside world and hence should only be explored by the most experienced divers.
The entrances / exits to Fossil Cave are not easy to find, these being three very small tunnels located underneath a rocky ledge.
Starting from a sandy patch at 14m depth the cave is entered via one of two small tunnels leading into the left (western) side of the cave, upon reaching this point the cave suddenly opens up into a vary large and totally darkened chamber, with a sandy bottom at 14m depth. From this entry tunnel, turning to the right and swimming strait on until reaching the centre of this chamber, look around with the torchlight to see the sharply rising back wall of the cave. This rises very sharply to a huge boulder whose top is at only 5m depth. From this point one swims on and up following a wall on ones left until reaching a wide but very shallow surface pool, with a very low ceiling. At the far left (west) side of this surface pool are the fossils, fossilized cockle shells, hundreds of them embedded into the limestone.
To return, begin the descent and follow to the left, the eastern side of the cave until reaching a small silty platform at a depth of 7m, after this turn right around the back of a large rock formation that reaches the ceiling and descend through an arch to the bottom (east) of the main cave, where there is another small tunnel at 16m depth leading out to the left, back to the open sea.

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Plan view Fossil Cave..........Drawing © Oceanic Research & Publishing Ltd.

Profile view of Fossil Cave..........Drawing © Oceanic Research & Publishing Ltd.

Cave and cavern diving can be dangerous and should never be attempted without proper supervision and planning.
Do not attempt to enter these caves and caverns if you are either inexperienced or if you are sufficiently experienced, have not previously visited them with a suitably qualified dive guide.
Always seek the assistance of a suitably qualified dive guide or that of a dive centre.

Two of the three small access points to Fossil Cave



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